Current Situation
Covered with high vegetation for the past several decades, the Tumulus de Glimes appears to melt into the surrounding landscape of fields and woodlands.

A desire stirs to contemplate the reassuringly expansive circumference of the tumulus, a discovery delayed by the initial disorder of the covering vegetation. The form seems to invite a meditation, one which should be enclosed and free from any outside disturbance . As it stands, the tumulus impresses not by imposing itself on our senses, but rather by rewarding with the fruits of our curiosity and imagination.

My project aims to offer a space for a leisurely contemplative stroll, in the form of a sunken circular walk-way. The path is sunken below the surface in order to isolate the surroundings from visitor such that he is confronted only by the tumulus itself

The Esplanade on the South East of the site becomes an Agora where historical information is available to visitors and locals, as well as providing an area for meetings, debate, cultural activities, games and relaxation.

Inspired by the “isolation” experienced in the sunken walk-way, this area too will be shielded from the road by a Talus of earth, rocks and plants. An “Estrade” of similar composition will form a centrpiece of the Esplanade. The Northern side of the esplanade will be protected by interlacing volumes created from gabions of crushed rock.

Planting, rocks and minerals will be combined and used in a complementary manner. The technique of wire-framing “gabions”, familiar from civil engineering works, will be used not only as retaining structures for the talus, but also for the wind-breaks, the “furniture” and for the educational and informational elements. Crushed rocks will be sourced from the ancient quarries in the vicinity, as well as volcanic tufa. Tufa has been unearthed in the most recent archeological digs on the site, and also served to close the ‘tambour’ of the Tumulus.

Project realised in 2002