Identify and eliminate all that which obstructs progression towards a successful sculpture. A preliminary task, but equally, permanent and irreversible. Vigilance in the approach is essential, as is a rigorous application. As automatic, pre-conditioned attitudes surface, each in their turn has to be rapidly recognised and eliminated.

And then, there are words…

If they are not considered in all their importance, they render all work impossible. Infiltrating, initially unheard, into the reflective world of thought and quickly overcrowding it. One sole possibility exists to preserve them without corrupting meaning: Harvest them, and give them material, visual form; scatter them across the pages of a rough note-book.

Piling the dead wood to let the two volumes constituting the sculpture appear was made possible through the combined movement created between the unstructured stroll which yielded the materials themselves, and the parallel collection and tipping out of the pile of words.

Project realized in 2001